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Primordial Animals

Primordial Animals are small sculptures that draw their inspiration from primitive animal figures. The abstract forms leave room for interpretation - someone might see the sculptures as four-legged whales, someone else as wombats or capybaras. Depending on the pattern on the back, the sculptures might even look like centipedes or water bears.


The ambiguous Primordial Animals are crafted in small series, making each sculpture a unique piece of art. The cute creatures are made from dyed-through porcelain and finished by dipping them into glaze upside down so that the lower part of the sculpture remains unglazed. In addition, the creatures’ backs are decorated with stripes, waves, or dots, depending on the model. The patterns are created using the traditional shellac technique in which the pattern is pressed onto the porcelain with a lacquer that burns off during the bisque firing. Due to the methods, each Primordial Animal is unique, and their eye placement or pattern may vary slightly. The glaze may also be positioned slightly differently in each one.

At Finnish Design Shop, the Primordial Animal sculptures come in 15 different versions. The colors are divided into three main groups or color families if you will: natural tones, red tones, and blue-green tones. The idea is that the sculptures of each color family can easily be combined – although, it is also possible to mix and match the shades as you like.


Primordial Animals Ceramic collectibles, Glazed porcelain, 2021

Photo: Niclas Mäkelä, Stylist: Jenni Juurinen

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Primordial Animals Ceramic collectibles, Glazed porcelain, 2021
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